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Voodoo Nuts Sacks!!!

Wicked Good Pistachios

The original Voodoo Nuts

Smoked for hours and aged for months, Voodoo Nuts packs a punch that can only be described as simply VOODOO! Take a ride on the wild side and try our new Habanero Garlic Smoked Pistachios if you dare!

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Amazing Rubs

Pork, Chicken, Savory & Hot!

Get your chicken kicken and pork poppin! Sedona Smokehouse chicken and pork rubs are made of the freshest and finest ingredients harvested from around this world!

Get Your Rub On

PNW Steakhouse

Perfected Beef Seasoning

Emphasize the quality of your cuts with Sedona Smokehouse PNW Steakhouse rub. The highest quality ingredients to bring out the true flavor that simple table spices simply, cannot do.

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