Voodoo Nuts Keeps Getting Better

Sedona Smokehouse is proud to start shipping 6.5 oz. Voodoo Nuts Sacks. Easier to sneak into a movie theater than our jar and easier to hide from your kids? They won’t hear the pistachios hitting the glass when you enjoy handful after handful.

The Gifting Season

The gifting season is year round, face it. Now that Voodoo Nuts come in a 6.5 oz. sack, you have no reason not to spread the gift of healthy snacking and delicous taste.

Top 10 Times to Gift

  1. Birthdays – From young to old, everybody loves birthday gifts.
  2. Christmas – Another gift giving holiday, hmmmm… Voodoo Nuts Sacks Stocking Stuffer! We may need to design new packaging for this one!
  3. Chanukah – Eight days, eight gifts, perfect!
  4. Thanksgiving – Bring the gift of Voodoo Nuts for eveyoneone to enjoy, sure will beat the beets and the onion green beans!
  5. Mothers Day – She gave you life dammit!
  6. Fathers Day – He may be a bum and drink a lot of beer, just give him one day out of the year.
  7. Cinco De Mayo – Corona, salsa, Voodoo Nuts, do we need to say more?
  8. New Years Eve – Whats better than a garlic flavored kiss at the end of the night?
  9. Football (Seahawks) Games – Give the gift of pistachios to your buddy that has the big TV that you sit in front of every Sunday.
  10. Baby Showers – Pregnant women love pistachios, no joke!

Simple Shipping

We charge a flat $6.50 for any size order, but you already know that. For the gifting season we are also working on “Simple Ship”, a way to order a dozen, at a discounted price, and we will take care of shipping to all your loved ones. We just need to get it coded in… hmmmm give us a few weeks!

Don’t feel the snacking remorse again and do something good for your taste buds and body, make the right choice with heart healthy Voodoo Nuts garlic smoked pistachios.

Naturally flavored, naturally preserved, naturally delicious!

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