Official 2016 Voodoo Nuts Catch Phrase Finally Released

Thank you all for a great 2015! The time’s we have all had over this last year have been great!

This One’s for You

We have taken in all of your suggestions, comments and praise with arms wide open. We tooled around with this catch phrase to not only come up with design concepts for T-shirts, stylish aprons, stickers to express yourself, etc. but to make a statement for you that says:

“Hey 2016, I am here and this is who I am, nobody can take that away from me!” 


We had to think long and hard about what 2016 is really meant to Voodoo Nuts and Sedona Smokehouse. The methodology in this creative process included a  combination raw data from as well as Netflix and chill shows of the past.

Hang-Loose-Balls“We only pull inspiration inspired by the pacific northwest, period. This takes time and most importantly, patience.” – Alex Trautt

11 whole months and 11 straight days went into this. So when you experience this catch phrase related to Voodoo Nuts, you now know the time and hard work that goes into every letter. We just wanted you to know.

For the Official 2016 Voodoo Nuts Catch Phrase – Click Here