Voodoo Nuts
Garlic Smoked Pistachios

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6.5 oz. Resealable Stand Up Pouch!!

Don’t feel the snacking remorse again and do something good for your taste buds and body, make the right choice with heart healthy Voodoo Nuts garlic smoked pistachios.

Naturally flavored, naturally preserved, naturally delicious!

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Product Description

What are Voodoo Nuts? Fresh California grown pistachios smoked with Washington State grown basque turban garlic for a one of a kind taste that can only be described as Voodoo.

2 reviews for Voodoo Nuts
Garlic Smoked Pistachios

  • Isaac

    I picked up a bag of these and they are great! I found some garlic in it too I think, whats that for?

  • Richelle S

    These are the BEST!!!! I picked them up at the Top of the Hill Market in the Renton Highlands. The girl behind the counter told me once you open them they will be gone. She was soooo right. They were so good I came back the next day and bought 3 more “Sack -OH – Nuts. Went online to do the survey for $2.00 coupon but, it was gone…..DARN!

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