Sedona Smokehouse, the loving parent of Voodoo Nuts, Voodoo Garlic and Caribbean Hottie, has perfected the finest snack foods, condiments and cooking additives known to man.

Sedona Smokehouse
You won’t find countless minions slaving endlessly to crank out millions of junk food items to feed a hungry nation. We are a small Northwest company focused on quality not quantity. Our products have been years in the making and we take pride in bringing you the fruits of our labor and the highest quality at a fair price.

Our ingredients are top shelf and always fresh with no preservatives. We don’t use cheap artificial flavorings in our products because we know our customers want the real deal. Once you taste the difference between our products and the mass produced crap you find in most stores you will instantly figure it out. Our goal is to provide our customers with products they will always want in there pantry for years to come.

Our flavor profiles are simple. Smoke and spice. These are the cornerstones of any pit master worth his salt and pepper. They originate in our roots as well as our name. Real wood smoke and, as you know, we are all about the garlic! You will find these signatures in most of our products as this is what we are. Smoking is not a science, its an art form. There is no right and there is no wrong. You either like the outcome or you don’t. After years of trial and error our customers get the best of our efforts.


Disclaimer #comeonnow
We know our logos and our advertising are considered by some to be a bit crude. In a world where political correctness has run a muck we feel that….. well we just don’t care! We are just like most of you, we work hard, we play hard, and we enjoy our weekends with football, BBQ and cold beer. Don’t forget the occasional vodka & tonic.

If this makes us crude than we are guilty as charged. If you are offended by our advertising please check back from time to time as our product line grows, we promise to disappoint! For those that are not offended you get it and we need not say more!

Bottom line

We at Sedona Smokehouse stand by our products and our customers and will continue to provide the highest quality products known to mankind. We appreciate your support and your business.

Go forth and Q!

Thank you,

Robert Johnston 
Sedona Smokehouse Specialty Foods, LLC



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