Which Salt is the Healthiest? Table vs Sea vs Kosher

There are a lot of salts on the market from your tubes of table salt, bags of sea salt and salt originally used for religious purposes!

Salt is also hands down the most important ingredient in today’s cooking and since it is made from sodium (NA) and chlorine (CI), makes this mouth watering ingredient essential to life in the animal kingdom! That includes you and me

But what is the difference and is one healthier than another? Here’s the low down:

Table Salt

📷This is your most common found salt. Filled in almost every salt shaker you come across to the brine that your Thanksgiving bird soak in. This type of salt is mined from salt deposits on land, refined over and over again, removing natural minerals, and contains an anti-caking additive to keep it from clumping/sticking together.

Most table salt is fortified with iodine since the 20’s to prevent goiters. Find out more about goiters HERE or ask the old guy that can tell a storm is coming from the arthritis in his knee!

Sea Salt

📷Sea salt, that sounds natural! Well it is less processed than table salt and is lacking the iodine. Sea salt is also known for it’s cosmetics, it looks cool thus  more expensive.

Sea salt is distilled from ocean water and due to less processing, retains minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium but can also contain trace amounts of heavy metals when harvested from polluted waters.

Kosher Salt

📷Kosher salt, like table salt is mined from land, however but is the least processed.

Kosher salt is coarse and has a similar bulk to sea salt but is flat and less like a pyramid. The size of kosher salt makes it easy to crumble and is easier to control than the fine granules of table salt.

Also, kosher salt is used to cure meats in the koshering process. Kinda obvious but we have to put it in!

The Cooking Conclusion™

All Salts have the same nutritional value, unless your diet lacks iodine.Table salt is a necessity due to being fortified with iodine. Keep this one around but use carefully. Any dish can become overpowered with just a pinch too much.Sea Salt is cool, it’s hip and comes in many varieties.Kosher salt is the choice of chef’s that want there recipes to be the best, just check their ramekin!

This is why Sedona Smokehouse uses Kosher Salt for our 24 Hour Hickory Smoked Salt. Out of all the salts we have smoked, kosher salt takes the longest and with the natural processing gives this salt the very best taste.

Naturally flavored, naturally preserved, naturally delicious!

Give our  24 Hour Hickory Smoked Salt a try and you will look at every other salt a secondary.


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